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Dave and Jan's travels, day 37:

25th June
We stayed in Homer for 3 days in a little log cabin (see photo) which for some reason had moose antlers above the door.    The town itself seemed odd at first - spread out with no easily located centre and designed for cars rather than pedestrians. However, the scenery was as beautiful as ever.  Billie met a moose while out walking and David spotted seals while beachcombing.  By the time we left, the calmness of the town and beauty of the surrounding Bay and mountains had won us round.

We spent a day cycling the Skyline Drive (see photo) which was wonderful - once we had finished climbing up to it.  Ths took about 2 hours.  David cycled all the way (in increasingly small bursts) while the rest of the contingent had no pride and walked quite a lot!  Views of Katchemak Bay in the bright sunshine were well worth the effort but I am tempted to invest in a pair of padded knickers for next time we do any cycling!

We also visited the local fleapit cinema (a warehouse with seats) and came out into the bright sunshine at 10pm.  I still can't get used to this 'daylight until 1am' lark.  It is great not to have to worry about lights but very disorienting as I continually think it is 3 in the afternoon.

Homer has a 4.5 mile spit at the end of which is the harbour plus everything which is boat and sea related.  To get across to the National Park on the other side of the bay, you need a water taxi (i.e. no roads) so there are plenty of outfits offering tours and trips.  We watched boats being unloaded with huge catches of fish and spent a happy hour or six beachcombing and throwing stones into the waves.

All in all a great place to hang out - and then there is Cafe Cups to eat and drink to excess (which we did once or twice) and the Sourdough Cafe where all the cakes are delicious.  (Had to do the cycling after all this just to get away from the cakes!)


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Cabin with moose antlers

The three musketeers?