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Dave and Jan's travels, day 50:
Dehydrated Meals

8th July
Pot Noodles come of age.  Not wanting to carry much and only having a single ring stove, we have been experimenting with dehydrated meals to see whether we could stomach them.  Last experience of same was probably Pot Noodles at university (for the non-Brits among our readers Pot Noodles are tubs of dry worms which you put hot water on and it turns into cardboard rather than the 'delicious, filling and satisfying' meal as advertised).  However, things have certainly come far in the last 20 years (oh my goodness).  The first meal - vegetable lasagne - was a great success.  Both tasty and, because all you do is add hot water to the packet, no washing up!  What more could we want.  Some of the more sophisticated versions even come with detailed instructions for transforming the shapeless packet into a rather presentable serving dish.

We have now tried 3 others and have suffered no side effects.  Great excitement - we just got a new supply in including some desserts this time.  Raspberry Crumble and Tiramisu have been snapped up.  We will let you know how these turn out.  I am very curious about the Tiramisu I must say.  But for those of you who want to eat NOW (i.e. within 10 minutes of thinking of it) and don't like washing up, this is the answer you may have been looking for!