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Dave and Jan's travels:
Competition entries
Somewhat surprisingly, we did actually get entries for the photo competition. Click here to refresh your memory of the competition question. Now, here are the entries, and the judges' comments and scores. 


Entry Judges' comments
From Bruce R: ...it is a water spot on the camera lens you doff... No marks for factual accuracy, and -10 for calling the judges doffs, makes a grand total of -10 and last place (so far).
From Amanda W: ...it's called a sundog. It's more or less the same thing as a rainbow, except the light is refracting through ambient moisture in the air instead of raindrops. If it happens at night, there's even a keen little rhyme to go with it: "When there's a ring around the moon, bad weather's coming soon." 3 out of 3 for factual accuracy, and an extra 2 points for the joly rhyme makes 5. However, we did have to deduct 4 points for knowing something the judges didn't, so that makes a total of +1 point and second place.
From Paul F (addressed to Dave): As far as I can see, the answer is obvious. It's clearly a photograph of your halo...